Photos by Willow Tree Photography

K&K Weddings is Katie Richards and Katherine Wagner. Lovers of caffeine, puppies, and beautifully designed weddings, they're an enthusiastic wedding duo who are devoted to what they do. Whether meeting cheerful brides-to-be (and their wonderful husbands-to-be, too!) or discovering the best current wedding decor, they can often be found creating innovative beautiful weddings for couples that reflect their personal style.

Both Katherine and Katie are highly organized wedding planners who are always willing to go the extra mile for their couples. They make couples feel like they're one of a kind; transforming their dream day into a reality (Best job EVER!). One of their favorite moments at weddings is witnessing everyone's jubilation after the ceremony! 

Katie Richards moved to Nashville 6 years ago from her hometown of Fredonia, New York. Katie is a college graduate of Fredonia State University with a degree in Sport Management/Business and where she played 4 years of college softball. She always had a passion for sports, but when she landed upon opportunities and experience in wedding and event planning, it was the PERFECT fit!

Katie's ability to multi-task and stay calm under pressure has shown to ensure events flow smoothly. Her extensive experience in the restaurant and service industry has given her the necessary skills to work effectively with people.

Katherine Wagner is a native Nashvillian who moved back after attending college at UTK with a degree in studio art. Painting everyday in her studio for a year after college, she got a job at the Club at Kings’ Chapel wedding venue. With a strong work ethic, a lot of gusto, and all that creativity, she found her IDEAL job.

Even under stress, she keeps a smile on her face and gets to work. Katherine has the knowledge and experience in the arts to help couples articulate what they want their wedding day to look like.